Apr 012013
I’d like to introduce you to one of the best top experts
in the marine industry today…
Rob Scanlon
Rob Scanlon is a certified marine surveyor, in business since 1986. He was the first marine surveyor in the U.S. to be recognized by both the National Marine Bankers Association and the Yacht Brokers Association of America.
We’ve also got two more amazing marine industry
experts today:
Alan Sorum
Alan Sorum is an unreformed harbormaster in Alaska. A member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Alan is also a featured boating writer on Suite101.com.
Brian Hancock
Brian Hancock is arguably one of the most experienced offshore sailors in the U.S. He has logged over a quarter million offshore miles racing both fully crewed as well as solo. Brian has competed in three Whitbread Round the World Races. In 2007, Brian co-founded his around-the-world race, The Portimao Global Ocean Race. He’s authored seven books including his latest memoir: “Grabbing the World”.
Would you like to listen to these
insider interviews we did with Rob, Alan
and Brian TODAY for free?
You can.
That’s right, it’s free, 100% NO COST.
Because Rob, Alan and Brian are our
guest experts today for the…
“2010 Nautical Lifestyle Expert Series”
Simply go to this site:
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Here’s Today’s 2010 Nautical Lifestyle Expert Series
Rob Scanlon
When:  Today (Tuesday)
Time:    10:00 AM (EST) – 1:00 PM (EST)
What:   “Credentials you should look for when hiring a surveyor”
How:     Click the link below:
Alan Sorum
When:    Today (Tuesday)
Time:      1:00 PM (EST) – 4:00 PM (EST)
What:      “Learn how pleasure boaters can now use the same equipment used by commercial boaters for search and rescues”
How:        Click the link below:
Brian Hancock
When:    Today (Tuesday)
Time:      4:00 PM (EST) – 7:00 PM (EST)
What:      “A different skillset on the seas distinguishes the professional sailor”
How:        Click the link below:
You’re gonna love it!
Apr 012013
Today, June 25th, is Day of the Seafarer. To celebrate and
honor the seafarers of the world, the IMO (International
Maritime Organization) has asked a few bloggers to write an
article about Seafarers.  The theme is to thank seafarers
and also to write about something that comes by sea and one
can’t live without.
My original article was going to be about the LNG tankers.
But, with the time constraints I went with a different
article.  Some could say, it’s a stretch for an item one
can’t live without. You decide:
P.S. If you have something you feel strongly about that
came by sea and you can’t live without, feel free to
comment on one of the following:
or at the end of the article itself
Apr 012013
By now your getting ready to head out to Maine for the Maine Boat Builder’s Boat Show in Portland. Once there, you’ll be all set-up and ready to meet all the attendees at the boat show. But, wouldn’t it be nice if they knew about you ahead of time, or more importantly, remember you after the show? Well, now they can!
My name is Robin G. Coles.  I’m an author, freelance writer, and owner of TheNauticalLifestyle.com.  I do mini recorded interviews of vendors, like you, at the boat show. These videos are two – five minutes in length. They’re easy to do, shameless plug videos.  They’re “shameless” because for two – five minutes you or someone you designate at the boat show gets to tell your business story. In fact, you can see a sample of my work on the New England Boat Show website. Just go to Highlights – Video/Photo Gallery – list of attendee videos. You’ll see exhibitors like: Landrigan, Prism Polish, New England Propeller, Dion Yacht Yard, The Navigator Club, Windpath Sailing, and The Map Guy. They [videos] have gotten lots of hits; businesses have reported back increased in new customers from it. One customer bought the license to use the last segment of his video in a promotion piece; for the boat show. And, I can do the same thing for you.
“Robin, I would like to thank you for the video clip you shot of me at the New England Boat Show. We have received many compliments about the video and believe it has helped our business. Thanks for helping to get the word out about Prism Polish.”  Jerry Baltes, Director of Sales & Marketing, Prism Polish
Here’s how it works:
— You or someone you designate at the boat show gets to tell your business story for 2 – 5 minutes. (Since this is a shameless plug video it needs to be natural. The purpose is to show your audience that you are human and relatable.)
— The videotaping is done at your booth; during a slow period at the show.
— Your video will be accessible the following day through Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.
— You will be able to link to the video via your website, but you MUST purchase a license if you want to use the video in any of your promotions.
Here’s how to schedule your video:
— Call my cell phone or text me at 339-532-8334 and schedule your appointment for anytime Saturday, March 17th I’ll be there all day throughout the show.
— You could also email me at Robin@TheNauticalLifestyle.com but I can’t always respond right away.
How much does it cost?
— One low price of $250.00 payable either by check, cash or purchase order.
— Package price of $350 for both the video and license if you buy them together at the boat show.
— Additional $150.00 if you decide you’d like to buy the license later on to use in all your multimedia (public relations).
See you at the show!
Apr 012013

Our second annual Online Nautical Holiday Shopping event begins November 15, 2012.

Last year we ran our first event, some businesses did well, and some did so-so. The ones that did the best actually supported the cross promotional event.

And for some great news, our buyers have asked if we were going to run the event again this year. How’s that for exciting news?

To help make this year’s event even more successful, I’m hosting a webinar series called:

5 Killer Steps to a Profitable Holiday Season that You Built!

One of the great things about this webinar series is that we will be working with your products in mind and doing the necessary work involved in having a successful online holiday event.

Click below for the full details.



Apr 012013
Our first annual Online Nautical Holiday Shopping Event has
officially started.
(copy and paste the link above into a new browser tab
to open)
Check out our special deals for this weekend:
— Apriori Beauty Gift Cards – $25 gift cards for $20
— Apriori Beauty Products – buy 4 for the price of 3
— 30% off both print and/or ebook copy of Boating Secrets:
127 Top Tips to Help You Buy and/or Enjoy Your Boat
plus shipping upgrade to Priority shipping (at regular
shipping price)
Other specials include:
50% off holiday cards, photographs, aprons, playing cards,
tote bag, magnets, photo key and luggage tags, coasters,
mugs, mahogany desk organizer, puzzle boxes, tiles, mouse
pad, keepsake box, prints in lustre/glossy/metallic/giclee
watercolor/giclee canvas/thin wraps/metal print
It’s easy to participate, just start at the home page and
It’s easy to participate, just start at the home page and
— click on an item’s photograph you’d like purchase
— click on the item’s name highlighted under the
You’ll be brought to the item’s page where you can get the
specifics for this event.
You’ll also be able to easily navigate to other items from
every page by using the full menu of other participating
businesses below the fold (bottom of the page) for your
The event will be running until Thursday, December 20th at
midnight EST.
By-the-way, just because it has started already, doesn’t
mean it’s too late to contribute, either. Give me a call
339-532-8334 or shoot me an email (via reply) and let me
know what you’d like to offer.
As always, feel free to pass this along to other boaters
who may benefit from this event.
Best regards,