Robin G. Coles is the best copywriter to write for the marine industry’s Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) markets becauserobinbluesuit-toastmaster-extramini she is a passionate marine enthusiast and sailor who has visited, interviewed, written about, and photographed hundreds of marine ports in the US and abroad.

It is her curiosity that gets to the heart of an interview and quickly gets her guests to open up; satisfying one’s inquiring mind.

The ocean both scares and exhilarates her as it should any boater.

It was during one of Robin’s visits to the local marinas in her new hometown where she learned of a new marina being built. The townspeople were struggling with this idea and many questions were being asked – all with unsatisfactory answers. Robin soon interviewed the harbormaster and put the recording on her website – it was also linked to the Town’s website. A lot of questions got answered; fewer people tried stopping the project. It was this interview and her professionalism that landed Robin a weekly column called “Mariner News” in the local paper.

Therefore, Robin G Coles is the best to bring higher ROIs to marine marketers who are looking for increased leads and sales. She is an accomplished direct marketing copywriter, interviewer, strategist and marketer.

Robin also has more than 20 years experience in Technology as a hands-on specialist in full project cycles: research, interview, design, develop, test, train, support, and maintain databases, websites and software packages. She is one of those rare birds who feels good documentation is essential. So, every database Robin either created or maintained always had documentation written inside the code, About, Using, FAQ and Help. This was especially important for the next developer that came along. Not only did it help them understand the logic, but also saved the company time and money with a shorter learning curve and/or maintenance. Industries include: high tech, healthcare, telecommunications, financial, hospitality and nonprofits in both

Robin clearly understands image as well. Prior to the dot com bust, Robin had gotten her certification as an Image Consultant. Here she was able to help men and women dress more professionally, improving their attitudes about themselves and presenting the company they worked for more positively. She also worked with teens to help them understand the importance of their appearance on a job interview. After all, if their parents didn’t understand them, how could they expect someone their parent’s age to?

Robin has worked with many major companies including Idemia, Winn-Dixie, IBM, Philips Electronics, South Shore Hospital, Verizon, Polycom, PAREXEL, Channel Capital Research LLC in both software and technical writing.

In 2013 Robin received both her Competent Communicator and Competent Leadership Awards through Toastmasters.

Robin loves to walk the beach, photograph a variety of subjects, read good detective stories, write, travel, crochet hats for preemie babies and shawls for four- to-six-year-olds in cancer wards. She now spends her time between Boston and Florida.

Robin G. Coles
Phone: 339-532-8334
email: robin @ rgcolesandco.com

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