Let me teach your software engineers, technical writers, and IT Managers how to write better communications to save your company time and money.

It doesn’t matter if your employees are writing code, technical documents, reports or performance reviews. I can teach them how to learn and master complex concepts sufficiently to translate them into effective content.

For your business that means:

  • On-board a new software developer in less time. Save your company time and money
  • Employees are happier with their reviews (believe management really “gets” them)
  • Complex subjects get broken down into easy-to-understand pieces
  • Ensure voice and style consistent across all platforms
  • Be able to translate technical terms that any reader can understand

Each workshop is customized to meet your needs. My workshops teach your group how to have empathy, improve soft skills such as listening and communications. Through my teaching techniques we have fun and build camaraderie.

The best part?

No boring power point or lectures. It’s 100% participation (including myself – how can I expect the class to do a timed writing if I won’t do it myself?) with a bit of improv comedy, variety of tools, and real work-life examples.

What to expect

  • A proven method that has been taught in a variety of settings
  • Examples using your everyday scenarios. Participants work to improve what they already have.
  • Timed writing exercises so they can practice on their current needs/projects
  • No power point presentations or lectures. Fun, lively workshop experience
  • Practical techniques that each participant can use over and over again; at the office and home
  • Numerous techniques and writing processes that makes the sessions fly by
  • Practical techniques that each participant can transfer to writing reports, reviews, FAQs, and chatbots.

Delivery Options:

In-house Training – I conveniently come to your location. Any space that has tables, chairs or desks that can easily be re-arranged into a rectangle or u-shaped. It’s important that everyone can see all participants while interacting. The workshop is normally half-to-one day. A second day can be added for anyone working on a book.

Delivery Options 2:

Online Training – This option is available for individuals and groups of less than 10. This training is done via Zoom, conducted in two-hour increments depending on the nature of the workshop. This is not a webinar and full participation is required.

Delivery Options 2:

Next Steps

Ready to discuss how I can help your software engineers, technical writers, and managers how to save time and money through my writing techniques? Contact me today to bring my writing expertise to your company. I can be reached on my cell at 339-532-8334.