Sample Technical Documents


Below is a sample to links of various technical documents I have done over the years. Many are not the full versions due to proprietary reasons – just samples.

MQ-Attach – MQ Attach software User Guide

Change IP  – Procedures to Change an IP Address on a Security System

Main 0003 – Dev1 IPL Procedures

Routine Stratus – Step-by-step instructions to gain Access for Maintenance

CommComm – User Guide for a Restaurant Online Delivery Service Software

Toastmasters – Step-by-step for club members to access website

Boating Secrets – Sell Sheet to promote my book

Communicate 10 – User Guide for off-the-shelf software product

 Fax Directory – User Guide for off-the-shelf software product

Marketing Communications – Sample marketing flyers, post cards, menus, etc

Human Resources Action Form – Lotus Notes Database for Human Resources

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